What better way to influence positive outcomes than to treat children at home, with their family, with their available tools and resources. When parents and children see therapy in action within their daily setting, the potential for therapeutic carryover expands exponentially. It also gives us therapists a complete picture of the child's situation to tailor our recommendations to what can reasonably be accomplished by the family, with the tools they have. Our goal is to empower parents to best support their children, with us educating and coaching towards success. This is our preferred setting for infants, babies and toddlers, and immunocompromised children.


When a child has difficulties out in the world, we identify the nature of these challenges by going to the settings in which the problems are arising. Whether it’s running off at the grocery store, social difficulties with other kids at the playground, or writing out that first job application: we’re there to look at the origins of the challenge and support viable solutions. Because we are in the real situation, we can see the outcomes for ourselves and not just second hand accounts.


Bringing kids into natural settings has been a real game changer in producing therapeutic results. Nature stimulates and soothes all the senses, bringing us therapists that much closer to impacting therapeutic change. Kids who dislike touch learn to filter out the grasses, leaves, and bugs that touch their skin. Kids afraid of the unknown learn to shift to curiosity of what is next. When we go on our adventures, they don’t notice so much that their muscles might be working harder and longer than usual. When we mount a swing from a branch over a creek, they get a special joy for a unique activity that they created. One of the results we’ve seen thus far is that many of our parents are learning how to enjoy the woods in new ways with their challenging kids, creating positive lifestyle changes.